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6 Do It Yourself Projects For Your Garden


The garden is a holy place for some people, while for others it’s just another chore that they have to take care of in their backyard. If you are one of those people that like to spend time in their garden, making it more friendly and alive than we have some amazing projects that you can make yourself with little to no effort that will greatly improve the aesthetic look of your backyard area.

  1. Crate shelves

Everyone has a few wooden crates in their home. They are either collecting dust in your garage holding bits and pieces in your shed. If you don’t have any, you can get them for free in most markets. Just make sure to paint them a colour that compliments your garden and stack them near the wall. They make amazing holders for plants and can look very effective.

  1. Make use of broken pots

Make use of broken potsYou broke something and now you want to throw it out? Don’t! Make use of it in your garden. Broken things can complement your garden if you use them to create a vintage theme in your garden. Broken pots can be placed near the flowers and some flowers and plants can even be covered at certain places with a broken pot or bucket and it will look amazing.

  1. Use old tires

Old tires can be used as a plant separation tool. Decide where you want to place several plants and then circle them with old tires so that you make it look they have tires for pots. There are many colours and arrangements to choose from that can look great.

  1. Umbrella stand plant pot

This is a multifunctional accessory for your garden. Make an umbrella stand in a big pot and circle it with flowers and  plants. This will make your umbrella stand to look unique and colorful.

  1. Place hanging pots on your fence

A fence is usually painted and left as a bland excuse to hide your garden from the outside. Make use of it and hang a few plants on your fence so that it looks and feel more useful.

  1. Use cinder blocks for a bench

Get a few wooden planks and place them on a few cinder blocks to create a bench for sitting. Stack two or three cinder blocks on both sides and make sure that the wood slats are sturdy. Secure them with nails to make sure that everything stays together