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How to Design a Flower Garden

When making a garden for the first time, you will have a lot of issues to fix, but that is completely normal, you don’t need to start panicking. Everyone makes mistakes, you just have to be smart and learn from them, especially when you are making rookie mistakes in your garden. One of the biggest mistakes that people do is that they try to make a vegetable garden with all kinds of various veggies. Well, we have news for you, it is really hard to create and maintain a vegetable garden especially if you don’t have any previous experience with gardening.

So, what we are trying to suggest is that you start off with something that is easier to maintain for beginners such as a flower garden. Gardens that are based purely on flowers are quite easy to maintain because most of the flowers don’t really need any special or extra help. You just plant them, water them regularly and wait for them to bloom. Of course, there is some flower type which requires a lot more attention, but those are usually more expensive and rarer. Start by planning some of the most common flower types and you will get into gardening in no time.


When you decide that you want to start a garden with nothing and you want to make it purely from flowers, then there is one rule that you must follow and that is to have variety. A flower garden is all about being beautiful and visually appealing. If you have only one or two types of flowers planted, then you cannot achieve the look of a unique garden. Creating a unique garden requires a lot of talent and of course a variety of flowers.

Of course, we are not saying that you just randomly get various flower seeds and just plant them without any thinking. Even with variety, you have to stay smart and think of a unique design or a patter that you want to follow and plant your seeds accordingly.

When dealing with all kinds of flowers the key thing is to pay attention to the colors because you cannot just put two random colors next to each other, you have to carefully place them, so they make a beautiful sight.


If you are not particularly gifted with a very open mind that can come up with unique ideas to design your own flower garden, then there is still hope for you. The solution that you want to use is quite simple, just do some research, we suggest that you go online and look at some beautiful flower garden design ideas that you find appealing. Of course, you don’t have to copy other people ideas, but you can use them to get inspired to come up with something that is unique to you. There are plenty of design ideas that you can look at and most likely you will get inspired by one of them, you just have to combine things.

6 Do It Yourself Projects For Your Garden


The garden is a holy place for some people, while for others it’s just another chore that they have to take care of in their backyard. If you are one of those people that like to spend time in their garden, making it more friendly and alive than we have some amazing projects that you can make yourself with little to no effort that will greatly improve the aesthetic look of your backyard area.

  1. Crate shelves

Everyone has a few wooden crates in their home. They are either collecting dust in your garage holding bits and pieces in your shed. If you don’t have any, you can get them for free in most markets. Just make sure to paint them a colour that compliments your garden and stack them near the wall. They make amazing holders for plants and can look very effective.

  1. Make use of broken pots

Make use of broken potsYou broke something and now you want to throw it out? Don’t! Make use of it in your garden. Broken things can complement your garden if you use them to create a vintage theme in your garden. Broken pots can be placed near the flowers and some flowers and plants can even be covered at certain places with a broken pot or bucket and it will look amazing.

  1. Use old tires

Old tires can be used as a plant separation tool. Decide where you want to place several plants and then circle them with old tires so that you make it look they have tires for pots. There are many colours and arrangements to choose from that can look great.

  1. Umbrella stand plant pot

This is a multifunctional accessory for your garden. Make an umbrella stand in a big pot and circle it with flowers and  plants. This will make your umbrella stand to look unique and colorful.

  1. Place hanging pots on your fence

A fence is usually painted and left as a bland excuse to hide your garden from the outside. Make use of it and hang a few plants on your fence so that it looks and feel more useful.

  1. Use cinder blocks for a bench

Get a few wooden planks and place them on a few cinder blocks to create a bench for sitting. Stack two or three cinder blocks on both sides and make sure that the wood slats are sturdy. Secure them with nails to make sure that everything stays together


5 Ways To Transform Your Garden


Every home can have a backyard, but not all of them can have a garden. Having a garden is more than just planting a few plants and watching them grow, it’s a place where many people meditate, and for others, it’s a place where they can further their passion for the gardening hobby. As everyone knows, there are thousands of plants and flowers that can be planted in a garden, but the trick is to have them complement one another, and of course to get accessories that will either make your gardening easier or esthetically look better. For the best 5 tips on how to make your garden look amazing, keep reading this blog post.

  1. Mix colors

The flowers are a god given gift for people who like to make their gardens look and feel more alive. If you want to make the best version of your garden that has a positive vibe to it try mixing colorful flowers. Plant them next to each other and watch as your piece of land in the backyard become filled with life. Once you find a pattern that you like you can repeat if through the garden just in different patterns.

  1. Add levels to your garden

When we talk about levels we don’t mean get something that is bigger than the rest, but in fact to make the small things look bigger than they already actually are. For instance, if you have small plants that fill into pots you can make a wooden decoration box that can be placed on the ground making another level of Hight where you can then place your new plants. The decoration of your garden can completely be done with wooden boxes where they will compliment every choice you make with your flowers.

  1. Make walkways

Another great addition to a backyard garden is to make walkways. To make this feel more natural you can use the wood you used in the making of decoration boxes and make a wooden walkway. The smaller walkways you have the more unique your garden will feel. Don’t hesitate to branch out paths where they are not naturally meant to be as this will make the garden feel more alive.

  1. Consider vertical gardening

Make use of multi-functioning accessoriesWhile planting plants in the ground is going to do the job for your low-level planting visual aspect, having some “hanging gardens” is an amazing addition to every gardening lover. Get either some hanging pots that can houseplants that grow downwards or some wall crawlers that can be hanged from the side of your house.

  1. Make use of multi-functioning accessories

This is a tip that most people tend to forget and then they just spend more money on additional things. The trick here is to create something or buy something that can complement one need in your garden while at the same time it serves another purpose. For instance, a tool casket can also be used as a sitting bench. A pot can also be used as a bird feeder and many more projects that can be best used for your style of garden.