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Welcome to our blog where we will share our favourite tips on how to make some significant changes to your garden. Some will be aesthetic and others will be about making things easy to care for, but most of all every blog will be about the possibility on how to achieve your perfect garden.

What We Do

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With our advice, your garden will flourish. With us, you will always be up to date on the newest and best tips on how to manage your garden and the plants in them.

We Inform

With us, you will constantly be informed about the changes that happen in the garden market. Every year there are thousands of new things that could change the way you garden, and with us, you will know how to use each of them to your benefit.

Every few days we post new contraptions that can be made in your own home and that can be used in your garden. With each new post, your garden collection will increase with new and amazing wooden additions.

How To Build a Garden Planters

The garden is the best place to relax and build your own sanctuary to look after. For a creative addition to a garden of any size, use handmade wooden planters. They’re sturdy, customisable and look great! All you need is some wooden sleepers, a drill and a little creativity. Make sure you don’t forget to add drainage holes, a liner and to treat it regularly with Nippon Ant Killer Liquid to ensure that your planter stays a perfect home for your plants. Then you can paint them any colour you choose, or leave a wood finish for a natural look!

Our Experts

Taylor is an old soul, that loves to make everything in the garden look young again. Taylor has been in charge of many garden renovations and she has also written many blogs and articles on the idea how to best organize your garden to fit your living style and living needs. With Taylor, every garden gets a chance to become something bigger than it was.

Taylor Ramsey

Madeline has been working with us for over a decade. Madeline loves plants and her education has prepared her to know everything there is to know about plants, and how that information can be shared with the world.

Madeline Pittman

Freda loves to make things with her hands. Whenever there are new ways that something can be made Freda is the person that you would hire for the job. With Freda no job in the garden is hard.

Freda Casey

Latoya is our chief garden organizer. When there is a new style that we need to implement into a new garden Latoya does her best to analyze and implement the thing that will suit that particular garden in its best version.

Latoya Lee

Basic Woodworking Tools

There are many tools that should be hanging in a garage where woodworking is going to be performed and some of them are:

  • The circular saw
  • The power drill
  • The jigsaw
  • The router
  • Hammer
  • Screwdrivers
  • Chisels
  • Wooden Mallet

With all these the basic tools are covered. As a real woodworker, you should stock up on all of them as you will never know which tool might come in handy to make your perfect wood project.

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